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Languagenut Secondary has been designed to develop your students’ English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin & Arabic language skills, through engaging exercises and activities, ranging from extensive speaking and grammar exercises to complex exam-style questions.

Our extensive secondary school language resources are ideal for developing exam skills, offering you and your students all you need to make and see progress, including:

  • Content covering levels A1 to B2
  • 8,000 comprehensive exam-style questions
  • Extensive vocabulary bank of more than 2,500 words in French, Spanish and German
  • 14 challenging activities covering all four key skills
  • 20 regular and irregular verb conjugation exercises across tenses
  • Over 50 unlockable achievements
  • Create your own content
  • Android and Apple tablet app

Develop Exam Skills

We’ve built a dedicated secondary school product to help develop exam skills. Our listening, speaking, reading and writing games are based on universally sound pedagogical approaches that nurture the skills necessary for higher-level language study and examination. Our CEFR A1 – B2 English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin & Arabic activities include:  


  • Automatically recorded speaking activities
  • Open Question writing
  • Gap Fill
  • Multiple Choice
  • True or False
  • Who Said What?

Make Grading Work Meaningful

As a language teaching professional, we don’t believe you should have to spend all your time marking student work that can be marked for you. Languagenut Secondary automatically grades reading and listening activities, speaking activities are recorded and sent to your grading dashboard, along with students’ written work that can be downloaded and printed. Let our platform do the grading for you and spend your time on giving meaningful feedback, all of which students can see in their own dashboard.  

  • Save time by letting our platform grade your work for you
  • More time to give your students actionable feedback
  • Listen to and download student audio recordings and print out written work

Build Vocabulary

Languagenut Secondary offers 3,000 vocabulary items per language divided across 80 sections of vocabulary groups and phrases in different tenses. A range of engaging games keep your students focused on building their vocabulary and expose them to more innovative learning methods, increasing motivation levels.  

  • Find a wide range of vocabulary in their various forms
  • Interactive games, exposing students to innovative learning methods
  • Show students how to use vocabulary in different contexts and all four key skills

Develop Verbs and Tenses

In order to master a language, students need to develop a sound knowledge of verbs and tenses. Many students find this area of lexis and grammar tedious, so we’ve worked 20 of the most important verbs into interactive games. Match verb endings with stems for regular verbs and drag and drop translations for both regular and irregular verbs.  


  • 20 regular & irregular verbs
  • Verbs in a wide range of tenses
  • Interactive games that make verb and tense study less tedious

Administration for Teachers

It’s important to be able to see how your students are performing and to be able to evidence progress, so we’ve built Languagenut Secondary’s Admin Area to offer you comprehensive reporting tools. Quickly identify learning needs, strengths and weaknesses with our diagnostic tools, grade work from one place and drill down to see class and student activity. Our reports are also printable.  


  • Assign tasks individually to differentiate between students
  • Receive completed student work and give feedback in one convenient location
  • Run diagnostics on your classes and students

Gamification For Better Engagement

It’s a well-known fact that students love games, so we’ve harnessed this interest and woven it into Languagenut Secondary’s reward system. Beyond the usual points and medals, students can unlock more than 50 achievements and see them in a trophy cabinet. Students are rewarded for:  

  • Accumulation of points
  • Acquisition of medals
  • Daily streaks
  • Other key milestones


Languagenut Secondary’s content covers students at beginner to intermediate levels (CEFR A1-B2), and supports your students on their journey to English proficiency. Whether they’re preparing for an English exam or just studying general English, our resources will engage and motivate them, whilst improving their English. With low-stakes spontaneous speaking and writing practice, accompanied by a wealth of challenging listening and reading content, your students will see progress with Languagenut Secondary.  

  • Study in the classroom or at home
  • Low-stakes, ‘safe’ language written and oral practice
  • Develop reading, listening, speaking and writing skills
  • Real world learning content to support integration