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“We use Languagenut’s admissions assessments in many of our China Bilingual Schools. These adaptive assessments are easy to administer by our admissions teams and give our teachers a great indication of the English proficiency for their new students.

This is made more powerful in our schools that use the full Languagenut English product. Schools can set personalized language practice for their students to be completed both in school and at home.

The team at Languagenut HQ have worked tirelessly to make their product work for our context and the personalized service is second-to-none. We are excited to see this platform develop at our schools.”

Shane Leaning
Head of Teaching Development, China Region
Acting Regional Director of Education


    • Language learning resources perfect for international and bilingual schools
    • Access to 22 modern foreign languages including French, German and Spanish at Primary level
    • Dedicated secondary school product for French, Spanish, Arabic and German
    • Improve practical language skills such as spontaneous speech, with answers automatically recorded and sent directly to admin portal
    • Assignment Library with 100s of hours of pre-made assignments your students can complete in school or at home
    • Wide range of content suitable for complete beginners to upper intermediate English learners
    • 8000 full-immersion exam style questions in all key skills; listening, reading, writing & speaking
    • Comprehensive learning in the form of gap fills, sentence building, semi-spontaneous speaking exercises and more
    • Students receive instant feedback, points and medals whilst studying
    • 31 Support languages including Mandarin, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese and Russian
    • Easily test new applicants' and existing students' English levels throughout the year
    • Improve the quality of your admissions days and increase application rates
    • Reward applicants with a certificate and your admissions team with valuable data 
    • Use test data to help your admissions team make difficult decisions more easily
    • Demonstrate your dedication to high quality resources and technology
  • What Teachers Say
    About Us

    "It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I recommend Languagenut! As head of the English Department I have seen the impact that it has had on the entire school community; teachers, students and parents. Languagenut has provided the students with an engaging means by which to practice daily.."

    Joel Montenegro

    Nord Anglia School Nantong

    Our pupils simply love it.

    Ash Hill Academy

    Head of Languages

    "As a teacher it helps you understand the student’s level by applying the proficiency test, which gives you a description of the student’s proficiency based on the CEFR. Furthermore, as a teacher you can assign different tasks for the students depending on which area you would like them to improve and the most valuable aspect is that you get statistics and results of the students, such as how many times they have practiced, if they have finished an assignment, how many points they have earned, amongst others."

    Vicky Garduno, Head of EAL

    Nord Anglia School Nantong

    "Languagenut is a great resource as it enables pupils to reinforce their vocabulary, whilst simultaneously practising the four keys skills of Modern Foreign Language learning, namely Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking."

    Zoë Worth

    Velmead Junior School

    "Languagenut is an outstanding resource to use with language learners. I have been able to implement Languagenut into my English Language lessons to support the development of English as an additional or second language. Personally, I like how interactive and engaging the programme is and have enjoyed seeing my students flourish when using it, both independently and in group settings."

    Jade Maxwell

    Nord Anglia, China

    "We love it because it engages the children, improves teacher confidence and tracks the childrens' progress. We use it for weekly lessons, termly assessment and on 'Languages Days' where the pupils can explore other languages and teach their friends any that they may speak at home."

    Heather Zigler

    Brunswick House Primary School

    "As we know learning a foreign language has become even more important and beneficial for all our students and Languagenut is doing a fantastic job on implementing it."

    Sylvie Snow

    Edithvale Primary School

    "The modern languages department in our school have also been making good use of it and it is good to be able to share resources with them as we rarely can use the same books/websites."

    Shonagh Mclennan

    Inverness Royal Academy