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Languagenut English has been designed to ensure learners of English as an Additional Language stay motivated, and confident when using their English in and outside of the classroom. 

Including multi-sensory exercises, interactive games and over 8000 exam skills questions, Languagenut English provides the perfect ecosystem for both learning through play and rigorous exam preparation.

Students are provided with instant feedback as well as unlockable achievements, medals and points, all of which which rank in real-time classes and individuals in our global league table!

Language Learning for Everyone

Languagenut English has been developed to provide students with a comprehensive learning solution for the world’s most spoken language.

Additionally, we’ve worked hard to ensure a wide range of teachers and students can benefit.

  • Perfect for beginner to upper intermediate English language learners (CEFR Pre A1 – B2)
  • Suitable for schools and English language training institutions
  • 31 support languages including Mandarin, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese, and Russian
  • Visual learning cues and activities for pair, group and individual work
  • Web browser-based language learning platform

Find more Time for Your Students

We know many English teachers spend a lot of time looking for resources and marking work, so we built Languagenut English with this in mind. Our platform does all the boring bits for you, so you can focus on what you do best: teaching.

  • Advanced search feature providing you with rapid access to necessary resources
  • Upload and integrate your own content into our learning platform
  • Curate our pre-made content to create bespoke lessons for your students
  • Automatically marked games and activities, as well as individual feedback

Exam-style Questions

Languagenut English has been designed for students to learn interactively through play, providing systematic support in developing your students’ exam skills. 

Study through our sound pedagogical activities spanning listening, reading, writing and speaking. Alternatively, challenge your students with 8,000 full-immersion exam style questions.

Activities include:

  • Semi-spontaneous speaking
  • Open writing
  • Gap Fill
  • Multiple Choice
  • True or False
  • Who Said What?

Blended Learning for the World

Language teachers know that student engagement is affected by variation. The best way to keep students engaged and interested is to provide a range of different exercises and activities in various formats. That’s why we have designed Languagenut English to offer both digital and printable resources.


  • Choose from a wide range of digital and printable resources
  • Features visual learning cues, as well as audio recordings of native English speakers
  • Keep students engaged in class by effectively utilizing our expansive selection of content and exercises
  • Foster independent study by allocating tasks for students to complete at home individually

Language Learning with Visible Results

Our teacher administration portal provides in-depth data for individual students and classes. This allows you to understand your students’ learning needs implicitly, and to effortlessly keep up with your students’ progress.

To stay motivated and build confidence, students need to see the progress they are making in class. With a comprehensive and easy-to-understand rewards system, as well as the teacher administration area making progress visible, everybody knows where they are with Languagenut English. 

  • Confidence building rewards system
  • Students rewarded with instant feedback, points and medals
  • Easily recognise achievement with personalised printable certificates
  • Analyse individual, class or school performance and identify learning needs